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Spolem Club

Spolem Club
ul. św. Tomasza 4 (Market Square)
Website: http://pubspolem.pl
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Szczepanski Square near the odziwo nice basement club found its place Spolem rooted in the late Communist Polish. This place is meant for all, which side goes contemporary "music", "fashion" and reality. Here you can enjoy a drink in a jar, or to taste oldschoolowej oranżady carcinogen once rubber Turbo.

Number of seating:  100+
Admission over:   21
Alcohol (type and price):  Beer:
Warka – 6 zl
Warka Strong – 7 zl
Zywiec – 7 zl
Heapy Hours: Warka – 4 zl
Pinacolada – 15 zl
Tequila Sunrise – 13 zl
Kamikaze – 12 zl
… and more
Open hours:  6 PM


Special offer for our members
Discount on drinks:
Periodical events
Let's start with Monday: Slightly alternative potupanka the funky-disco rhythms of the '80s,

Tuesday: a lot of old rock and a Polish dance,

Wednesday: karaoke or rut "gifted" musically,

Thursday: music lesson music that is not the end of the radio

Friday: dancing (the name speaks for itself), everything is suitable for dance in ancient embedded

Saturday: oldschool disco, reggae and rock but also

Sunday: ATARI tournament games on the big screen, puns, followed by karaoke.
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27.01.2009 15:39:35
jeden z lepszych lokali w Krakowie :D